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Guimo  Top

Southlogic Studios was founded in July of 1996 by Christian Lykawka.

During its first year of operation, Southlogic Studios produced a 2D platform shooter game called Guimo.
Guimo was published in Brazil and Europe in 1997.

Guimo Box After that, the company went into hibernation for a year, until Christian had the opportunity to join an "incubation" program for new companies at UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul). Christian took advantage of this opportunity by laying out a long-term plan for creating a proprietary 3D engine.

Thus, in 1998, the Aspen Engine´┐Ż was born. The Aspen Engine is a full-fledged development environment, that includes an object-oriented game engine, a 3D MAX exporter, and a level editing tool. The engine handles all of the graphics, physics, sound, networking, etc., allowing applications to be easily built on top of it.

Aquarius®  Top

To prove that this technology works, the company developed the Aquarius® prototype concurrently.

Aquarius® is a multiplayer combination of action and strategy. It combines typical real-time-strategy elements such as tech trees and resource collection with the ability to enter and control any unit as in a first-person shooter.

Jungle & Hunter  Top

In early 2001, the engine was finished, but no one was interested in publishing Aquarius®. So Southlogic Studios changed course and produced the "Jungle Demo", to show what the engine was really capable of doing.

This demo proved that it was possible to create a dense jungle environment in a videogame, on a scale never before seen.

The jungle demo was praised by many, and gained the attention of Infogrames, Inc. Southlogic created one more prototype, this time a hunting simulation, to show Infogrames how the Aspen Engine technology could be applied to a hunting game.

Trophy Hunter 2003  Top

Trophy Hunter 2003 box Infogrames - Atari, Inc. nowadays - then contracted Southlogic Studios to create a hunting game using that spectacular outdoor technology, which became Trophy Hunter 2003.

No doubt 2002 was the best year so far for Southlogic Studios. The company doubled in size, and managed to create Trophy Hunter 2003 in only eight months, on time and on budget.

And we had a lot of fun doing it. Here at Southlogic Studios we believe in enjoying our work. With every milestone we host an event for our employees to celebrate. During Trophy Hunter 2003, we had a barbeque, played paintball, and hosted several dinners. And we don't just make games here, we play them as well!

In 2003 and beyond, Southlogic Studios will continue to grow and produce more high-quality games, for both PC and consoles.

Please keep an eye out for what we have coming next!


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