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Trophy Hunter 2003
Rocky Mountain Adventures

Southlogic Studios is proud to present Trophy Hunter 2003, a title created using 100% Southlogic Studios art/technology and published by Infogrames, Inc.

Trophy Hunter contains one of the most rich, realistic outdoor environments ever produced for a video game. Just take a look at the screenshots to see for yourself!

Some of the great features:

Graphics   Top
  • Seven gorgeous environments, each completely different from the others

  • Highly detailed vegetation and ground textures

  • Nine types of prey, including black bear, caribou, and moose

  • Many highly detailed "ambient" animals, including beavers, eagles, and Canada geese

  • Smooth animations which follow every independent movement (such as head turning)

  • Ground is covered with rocks and grass

  • Wind effects

  • Changing fog/light color/sun position/shadows as day passes

  • Snow and rain

  • Dynamic shadows

Gameplay   Top
  • "Campaign" system allows you to create custom hunters which improve with each hunt

  • Hunter skills include hardiness, stealth, tracking, presence, responsibility and four weapon skills. Improving these skills gives the hunter an advantage.

  • With the new credits system, the player can buy better equipment as he progresses

  • New easy-to-use interface

  • On-screen map and bag limit, all presented graphically

  • Animals have sight, hearing, and smell, and react intelligently. Animals change behavior depending on time of day and other factors. Animals have different "moods", such as afraid, alert, calm, etc.

  • Animal tracks and scat

Misc  Top

  • Spectacular and stable multiplayer hunting. Multiplayer hunts include three different types of competitions.

  • Runs great on a wide range of systems

  • Different ambient soundtracks for each level, taken from the real locations

  • Great country/blues soundtrack, recorded with real instruments


TH2003 Patch 1.1   Top
You can download the TH2003 Patch 1.1 from one of these sites (2.6MB):


TH2003 Map Editor   Top
You can download the TH2003 Map Editor ver 2.15 from one of these sites (9.5MB):

TH2003 Custom Maps   Top
To use a custom map, just place it in the "Trophy Hunter 2003\Game" directory where you have installed the program. It will be found automatically the next time you run the game.

Visit these sites to find custom maps made by Trophy Hunter 2003 fans:

    Cabin Fever Online
    Deer Online
    Hunter's Realm
    LunkerBuster's World
    The Gill Family Maps Collection

TH2003 Demo Version   Top
    Gamer's Hell


TH2003 Forums   Top
These forums are not directly associated with Southlogic Studios and all require registration with the moderators before using. Please respect their rules and regulations.

    Hunter's Realm
    - Forum
    - Home
    NATH Tournaments (North American Trophy Hunter)
    - Forum
    - Home

TH2003 Images and Fansites   Top
    Big Game Lodge
    CCH (Caught in the Crosshairs)
    Hill Top Lodge
    NATH Tournaments (North American Trophy Hunter)

TH2003 Official Site   Top
    Official Site

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