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Southlogic Studios takes virtual hunting to the next level once again! Top

"Deer Hunter: the 2005 Season is like no hunting game I've ever played. I knew it from the moment I first entered the game. Not only could I hunt the classics like whitetail, blacktail, and mule deer, but I could also live out some of my dream hunts by hunting Roe deer and axis deer.

My very first hunt was magical. I hunted in Germany's Black Forest, a place I've always wanted to visit. For a long time, I was unable to locate any prey in the thick forest. Then I tried out the thermal binoculars. Not your standard hunting equipment, I admit, but then again this is not your standard hunting game.

The thermal binoculars turned everything blue-black, except for a small patch of red in the distance, a heat source. I zoomed in and sure enough, it was a Roe deer. I remember being incredibly excited as I spotted my first Roe deer ever.

I used my calls to bring in the deer, but he began to get suspicious at about 70 yards and circled around me, to get the wind behind me. At one point he sniffed and stopped cold. I knew he sensed something. It was now or never.

I zoomed in my scope and shot at the lungs. Sure enough, it was a perfect shot, and I was awarded with a "bullet's-eye camera" all the way to the deer. The deer crumpled to the ground in a realistic way that I didn't think possible, because I've never seen anything like it in other hunting games.

But one hunt wasn't enough. Soon I was downloading hundreds of custom-made maps on the forums, and trading my own with my new virtual friends. I began to participate in tournaments on the Internet. Deer Hunter 2005 has been my most rewarding gaming experience to date."

Features  Top

  • Realistic animal behavior and action
  • Six spectacular locations including, for the first time, Australia and Germany
  • Blacktail, whitetail, mule deer, axis deer, and Roe deer
  • Exotic equipment such as thermal binoculars and scopes
  • Realistic physics for deer moving and falling (using the Tokamak Physics SDK)
  • Three-dimensional animated interface
  • Bullet camera for perfect shots
  • Beautiful sky effects
  • Realistic tree shading
  • Ability to download new maps and create your own, by downloading free Map Editor upgrade



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