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The Experience Top

Watch in wonder the most realistic deer ever presented in a video game!

Here's an example of the fantastic gameplay in Deer Hunter 2004:

"I had been slowly stalking through the fields, calling occasionally, when I caught a slight movement to the east with my binoculars. Zooming in I could just barely make out two legs through the brush. I waited patiently for the animal to move again, and finally got a clean look: a whitetail buck, and a beauty! He was a ten pointer on top, very symmetrical, with two drop tines. Looked like one for the record books for sure.

I called again, and he stopped and looked in my direction. He seemed to be deciding what to do, but I gave one more grunt and curiosity got the best of him, he started in my direction. He was in no rush though as he leisurely wandered over, and even stopped to scratch his left ear with his back hoof. As he left the brush and moved into the field, I could see the tall grass moving as he passed through it.

When he got within 100 yards, I slowly moved into prone position when he was looking in the other direction. It was harder to see with the tall grass, but it was also harder for him to see me. I was using a handgun, so I knew I'd have to bring him in close.

At around 80 yards he started to get a little nervous and began to circle around to get me upwind. Luckily I had used my cover scent and the wind was light, but even so I knew he would smell me sooner or later. He was getting so close that I could actually see the deer blink and lick his lips through my binoculars.

At 40 yards he stopped dead in his tracks, and he flagged with his tail. I knew it was now or never and took my shot. I got a good shot near the vitals, and I was pretty confident he would eventually go down. He bolted, heading straight for the thickest part of the woods.

I waited a few minutes before going after him to not spook him, and thanks to my high tracking ability I was able to spot lots of tracks and blood. I noticed that my patience had paid off, because he had calmed down after a little while and the marks were closer together. I had to track him a long time, but it was well worth it when I finally found the deer and bagged him.

When I got back to my trophy room, I discovered the fabulous non-typical had indeed made the record book. I could see clearly where the shot had gone in, as well as a complete breakdown of scoring down to thousandths of an inch."

Features  Top

And that's exactly what playing Deer Hunter 2004 is like! And if you were impressed by that story, you'll be blown away by all the other great features that Deer Hunter 2004 has to offer:
  • Six spectacular hunting locations and the ability to download more
  • Hunting in pre-rut, rut, and post-rut
  • Amazing water that moves, shimmers, and follows curves and decents
  • Smooth online hunting and GameSpy support for locating games on the Internet
  • Eight hunting abilities to customize your hunter to your taste
  • Plenty of popular weapons and items used in hunting
  • Hunt blacktail, whitetail, and mule deer in their natural habitats
  • Extra skins for hunters, horses, and vehicles
Come be a part of the Deer Hunter experience, along with the other tens of thousands of players who make up the Deer Hunter online community!



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