NASCAR reviews Deer Hunter 2004


New Zealand Herald
The New Zealand Herald discovers DH2004.


DH2004 Launch
Atari makes official press release to launch DH2004


Gamer's Underground
Five stars for Deer Hunter 2004


EGHQ Preview
EGHQ preview of Deer Hunter 2004



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Bella Online
Bella Online writes a review of Trophy Hunter 2003. A quote from the review:
"Well I suppose since I�ve been playing the game now for at least 2 months that I can recall, in my blurry, half-awake, semi-conscious dream state. All self-inflicted of course, from endless hours of ground pounding, tree sitting and blind sitting with my trusty 7mm single shot in my hand. From the game, I�d fancy it to be a Ruger Number 1 rolling block.
How�s that for an intro? Few games stay on my machine these days and even fewer have the addiction factor provided by Trophy Hunter 2003 by Infogrames. As an avid sportsman, when I can�t be out in the woods at any opportunity, I�m generally despondent and stare with mute anticipation of the next hunt. I would clean my guns, breath in the gun solvent and wipe the gun down with oil. That was before TH2003.
Now, to heck with the cleaning materials, I can clean them once and put them away. The rest of my time I sit on tanned deerskin and have my mouse do the walking. My trigger finger operates the button. The only thing missing is the smell of gunpower in the air and the thump on my shoulder as I send a projectile downrange.
This isn�t simply a game, it�s immersion in an environment."

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